reckner healthcare surveys


All specialties welcome.

Office/Practice Information
"For the past 15 years, I have enjoyed participating in our market research discussions. I consider it a two way street; I hope I provide insight of value to you and your clients, but I always learn something new too." MCO medical director
"I have found the surveys very easy and quite interesting to complete... I feel that by completing the survey, I am helping our profession." Ophthalmologist
"Having worked with Reckner for several years, these are some of words that come to mind when I think about the company: Consistent, professional, willing to listen to feedback, responsive, realistic, easy to work with and human." MCO pharmacy director
"I enjoy participating in Reckner studies... the recruiters are efficient and respectful in how they contact me and schedule the interviews. They are always willing and able to work around my schedule. The topics are varied and interesting." MCO medical director
"I have found the participants involved with Reckner to be very thoroughly versed in the respective subject matters, and the studies and interviews are conducted with great professionalism." Oncologist, Key Opinion Leader